First Day of Preschool

Avery’s first day of pre-k was this past Monday. I will say with a positive face it was a successful day. Last Friday we came for orientation and got to meet his teacher before starting school. They went over what goes on during the school year. As they had the parents stand in a non air conditioned room. The school is just a tad bit old so they have no central AC. Most of my concerns were put at ease. Knowing there was going to be one teacher and two TA’s has helped me. Being in a family based daycare prior was such a mess. He needs that one on one time at times. Even though its only been a couple days he has been doing relatively better than I thought he would be doing.

Then came the first day. Walking in the amount of children that were there almost running around etc gave me anxiety.  Then you have the parents around you that are crying. What do I do? Look over with that expression. Are you serious right now? I do get it. Your child is getting old enough for school. I myself sit and sometimes look back and state the obvious. Where did my baby go? Having a rough time (miscarriage and high risk pregnancy after conceiving) I sit back and wish time would go extra slow. Your child is at least three. A little social interaction will help them develop even more. I’m seriously glad the principal made it a rule after day 2 no parents allowed past the fence.

Avery has been loving school so much he can’t wait and has even not wanting to eat his breakfast. Can we say over excited. I will say I am so glad. His face on the first day was priceless. Of course this mama had to take a picture. How excited is he. All in all I can’t wait to see what this school year has in store for my munchkin. I’m so not ready for the fundraising.


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