Desk Essentials

If your a working mama or even a work at home mom having your own desk or space is something that is yours. Regardless of it is the company you work for or your kitchen table, the space you have is all just for you and your work.

No matter if it’s just weekends or late nights being able to have that time to have your own work time is essentials. Especially, when throwing kids etc into the mix. 

Getting that time away to work on your business, job or just even schedule what the week holds for you is essential.

Here are a few essentials you need, to keep your desk solid but fun and an escape away from everything. All under $20. 

  1. Telephone Post It Holder: $12.00-Made out of ceramic this nifty post it holder is a fab item to keep your desk looking stylish.  post it holder
  2. Mason Jars for all your pens,pencils, push pins and clips. This is an inexpensive decor and organization tip. Purchasing mason jars at your nearest craft store. 
  3. Kate Spade Sticky Note Set
  4. Customizable Calendar:$16.99-Being able to update your calendar monthly can help you set goals for yourself and also create reminders that are needed. 
  5. Tumbler:$11.99- Always make sure you have a creative tumbler available. Always have your coffee or tea in reach. 

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