How To Keep Your Style Sane During Summer

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With the Summer heat, there are plenty of us that feel and say to ourselves when will Fall be here? If your not used to the Summer months it can be a hard transition. Just for the couple months. You may be dying for the heat to come. Whereas, a California or Floridian can deal with it on a regular basis. That’s where the Northeast gets into trouble.

Even, being at the beach can be a huge let down. If you are there on a day that it is over 80 degrees it can be even hard to breathe. In Massachusetts the sea water is normally freezing.

Here are a few items to keep your style cool this Summer and the future in general.

1.  Original Keds Champion: These sneakers are everyone’s fave. They are lightweight and don’t make your feet sweat. They also come in a few different colors. You can find these sneakers at but also a variety of stores carry them also. 

2. T-Shirt Dress: These dresses are lightweight and go with almost any occasion. You can find them almost anywhere. My fave place is Old Navy. If you order online they are always having some type of sale. 

3. Women’s Floppy Hat: With the sun being at an all time high hats like these definitely come into play. Keeping the sun out of your face is key. It keeps from making you feel even more hot. If you purchase these at Target they have a variety of patterns available. 

4. Linen Shorts: Lightweight linen is great for Summer. Sometimes Jeans or even Twill can be heavier which can cause you to feel hotter and burning up sooner. 

5. Sunglasses: You can’t forget a pair of sunnies. Keeping the sun out of your face and eyes can keep you stylish and able to beat some of that sun. 
What are some of your summer styles that help you beat the heat?

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