Kids Cool Cuts

Last weekend I visited Kids Cool Cuts in Saugus, Ma. Avery needed a haircut so I thought it was the best time.

I have always brought him to the barbershop to get his hair cut. The price has always been great. Normally we are spending $10-$15. The downside is, we have to wait until what feels like forever. At that point Avery is off the wall or he becomes extremely restless. That’s when this little place called Kids Cool Cuts opened up right by our house. Its set for girls and boys. I always wanted to try kid only hair shops and see what is the difference. They offer different services.

They took us in right away. Not what we are normally used to. That was definitely on the plus side. Sitting on his own was another task myself and the hairdresser had to tackle. Avery is always up needing to touch something or just move around in general. If you see him sitting still you may think something is definitely up. He loved looking and sitting in the cars. But, all in all he wouldn’t stay. I took on the mommy task of holding him. Just like I do when going to the barbershop. He then behaved so well. The price was a little steep. For a regular haircut the cost is $16.99. Then you add in tip. Your talking over $20.

Rating of this place on a mom perspective, I would bring him back any day. The price is a little steep but for the amount of time we actually spent, and the experience it is completely worth it. Having a little one always on the go, these factors are extremely important.  This is a valuable lesson learned previously.

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