Navigating Universal Studios Solo With a Toddler

Our first visit to Universal Studios was a hit even when going solo. 

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Happy Monday friends. Another travel post brought to you by yours truely. Back in December A and I traveled to Florida. Our home away from home. Getting away from the cold definitely helps, especially with someone who has asthma. The husband had to stay back and work. One perk of being a lifestyle blogger/ wahm.

*My mother in law is on the board for our local Pop Warner. Every December she heads to Florida and stay at Disney.*

We brought A the year before to Disney for the first time. I didn’t really blog about but I did post THIS review about where we stayed. We stayed at the same place but a different house. This year was a bit different. We didn’t end up going to Disney this year. She had no teams that went but had already booked the house so she had a free week.

We ultimately decided to head to Universal Studios.

The last time I went to Universal I was my sons age. Everything looked completely different.

The first attraction we had to hit was Minion Mayhem.

This souvenir cup was actually a deal compared to just buying a drink, you were able to refill for free. It ended up costing $14.

One thing to think about

Most rides you do have to be 48 inches or more A is just under 48 inches. Some rides will let them ride with you. There were some rides he couldn’t ride even without an adult like MIB (Men In Black) due to height requirements. So we took a walk to Simpsonland.

They had a few kiddie rides there.

He was amazed by the Marylin Monroe show they had.

Tips: What You Can Do While Visiting

  • Use sunblock even on gloomy days. We visited on a day that started out sunny but ended up being cloudy. Sun hides behind the clouds.
  • Have your kiddos wear comfy shoes. loves wearing slipons.
  • If you’re looking to save money, eat before you get there and get that souvenir cup. If not its about $5 for a drink whereas you can refill the cups unlimited for the day.
  • I would definitely suggest their park hopper option. We didn’t opt for that and just did Universal Studios. Plus my husband wanted to be there when A went to Islands of Adventure since he’s been so obsessed with dinosaurs.

One great aspect they offered was their Animal Show. They offer it at FL & LA locations.

Another thing I’m sure the littles would love is their parade. Similar to the one that Magic Kingdom has.

Visiting during the holiday season is worth it. I’ve visited both Disney and now Universal Studios. The themes and extras they offer are definitely worth it.

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