New England Weather Style Inspo

                           Shown above 

Leggings// Umbrella//Off the shoulder sweatshirt

As many of you know Thrifty Haute Mom is based in Boston, Ma. 

Massachusetts is home of The Boston Bruins, Celtics,Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. You also can’t forget the inclement weather. For the past three days, the weather has been off and on. Today has been the best of all days. More cloudy but less gloomy than this past weekend has been. 

Here is a list of some great inspiring items needed for New England weather.

  1. You are going to love these amazing printed leggings. They are super stylish and this season’s trendiest item. They range in sizes OS (0-12)
  2. Umbrella: It can be rain or shine and everything in between. This cute Lemon Confetti Ruffle umbrella is only $10 at Francesca’s. 
  3. An off the shoulder sweater or sweatshirt. Something lightweight goes great with anything. 

These top three are needed no matter what time of year it is. You never know what the day holds. 

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