Not All Style Bloggers Are Not Always Alike + Slip On Sneaker Steal

If anyone knew me before babies they knew I was a glamorous plain jane. What does that mean? I know how to dress up a blazer, a pair of slacks, I always wore flats instead of pumps and just like now I lived in leggings. Now that I’m a mom I still live in leggings and instead of a huge flats galore gal I am a huge casual slip on sneaker gal. Not because I’m going through a frumpy time in my life, I have PCOS or because I’m still struggling with my weight loss as I’m entering into year four. That’s just my style. The weird part is I always have a knack for putting and pulling fashion together.

This upcoming Spring season is my season I have been waiting for. The style is casual and it is definitely on point. I can’t wait to go shopping for whole the family. Even though I am in blogger status I cannot yet afford Nordstrom status yet. So I found every bloggers and moms next best thing. Target wear. Yay. My favorite store.


 I just love how slip on sneakers can be dressed up or down. Which I beyond love. They come in so many colors and their mom friendly and fashionable. I can’t wait to go Spring shopping for the whole family.

These Steve Maddeshn’s Ecentrcq are $59.99 right now. They are available at Nordstrom.

Target also has the look for less for only $25 in two different styles. Reese Green Slip On &  Rae Quilted

If your on a budget these two brands are a great budget friendly way to look stylin this Spring.


    • Jalisa
      February 15, 2017 / 2:12 PM

      I’m such a casual chic. Mom or not.

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