Ten Things About Me

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Now that the blog is just over a year old I figured doing something a little fun to get to know the creator.

1. I’m from Massachusetts and I get sick every Spring. Normally it’s my asthma.

2. I’m half Dominican and half French Canadian hence the massive curly hair.

3. I’m in between the SAHM/WAHM scene right now. I currently have the mom blogger label which I love and have a pinch of shopping, style/beauty, motherhood, travel & reviews on a budget hence the name Thrifty Haute Mom.

4. I left my job last December to focus on my blog, being a stay at home mom and finish my degree in PR.

5. My son suffers from ADHD so I try to find to find anything that I can to keep him on his toes.

6. I suffer from PCOS so I’m always a work in progress.

7. I’m a huge style lover hence this blog I’m just a casual style lover.

8. Some people get the misconception I’m a couponer. I’m not. I’m just a budget shopper. I love shopping for the best finds.

9. I love traveling. Since meeting my husband we’ve traveled to Dominican Republic 2x and he loves it, the Bahamas, and Disney World. Were even going to Vegas this November and a Caribbean cruise this coming February with our son. We can’t wait.

10.  Becoming a mother has definitely molded me into a better person.

I hope you will enjoy the blog more by getting to know behind the creator more.

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