Ugly Sweater Guide

I can’t believe Christmas is exactly one week away. Its just mind boggling. My sons fourth Christmas and the look on his face during the holidays is priceless. This year will be even better since he has more of a recollection of things. Not to mention all the style trends that have been out this holiday season. One has been a yearly trend but this year feels it is in full force.

Ugly Sweater day is one of those celebrations during December that you should take part in. The national day for is the third Friday of December. It is one of the most celebrated days of December. Even after the national day we are still celebrating during work parties, family functions and various get celebrations. Who doesn’t love to show off their ugly sweater? The best part is you don’t have to spend a ton of money for just one season. They are even trending this season. Before they were an adult thing. Now the whole family can take part in ugly sweater season. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, here are a few ideas on what to get. I will say these are great options and can honestly find them anywhere.

We didn’t get a chance this year to buy ugly sweaters with being so busy with Thanksgiving and going to Disney. We just got back last weekend. I’m hoping to at least sneak a peek for you on Christmas Eve. THM has found some great ugly sweaters to sport at our Christmas Eve parties we have to head out to.

  1. Toddler Boys Mustache Sweater2. Dog Sweater
  2. Mens Light Up Sweater
  3. Women’s Sweater
  4. Last but not least the most inexpensive way to celebrate Ugly Sweater season is purchasing a kit. If your a diyer this kit a definite must. There are so many ways to make your own inexpensive one. 

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