Windsor Communities Review

I was keeping this as a surprise. I know I know (tsk tsk). We took the little man to Disney World. If you check my Instagram account you can see all the fun we had. My mother in law is on the board for her local Pop Warner football team. She basically comes every year. She asked us last year to come but financially we couldn’t afford it. I wasn’t sending my munchkin to Disney for the first time without his mama.

My father in law found this amazing place Blue Sky Villas that I am sharing today. We rented out a house for about $1000 for the week. Which wasn’t that far from Disney property. That might sound expensive but it’s really not. For all your getting the price is a steal. There were four bedrooms each equipped with its own bathroom. Two rooms come with two twin beds where the other two bedrooms both have queen beds.

Either if you rent out with adults it comes to $250 per person or couple. Even with a family it’s an amazing deal. The home also comes with its own private heated pool and jacuzzi. You can also cook and grill outside with its own gated way towards the pool.


There’s plenty of stores like Publix and Target you can purchase groceries from and cook.  The very least not having to eat out for every meal. That type of spending can take a huge loss for a family on vacation. Regardless what type of pass you get for the parks there isn’t enough time to go to each park for the week. Having to eat out at the parks adds up quickly. This means spending less at restaurants and at the Disney parks.

The week so far being has been great. When your ready to go on vacation make sure you research different places and prices. Staying off Disney property doesn’t have to be such a drag.


*Featured Photograph Photo Credit:Vacations and Villas

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